Brighter Skies

by FreddeGredde

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Sven B. Schreiber
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Sven B. Schreiber On "Eyes on the Edge", Fredrik Larsson delivered solid proof of his advanced songwriting skills. On the predecessor "Brighter Skies", his ability to create a thematically rich and consummate opus within a couple of minutes is already obvious in the shorter songs, but gets somewhat blurred in th epics, which tend to sound like a sequence of unrelated song ideas, glued together with distracting prog gimmicks. Actually, the album is at its best as soon as it doesn't sound like "Dream Theater". That said, I want to state clearly that this is one of the best prog albums I'm aware of - a magnum opus without doubt, while not being a milestone, however. A bit less of the typical prog ingredients would have been more. Favorite track: The Tower.
Stéphane Gallay
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Stéphane Gallay On frôle parfois la pure démonstration, voire carrément l’esbrouffe, mais ce n’est pas grave: difficile de ne pas se laisser embarquer dans ce tourbillon mélodique de très haut vol, avec des morceaux aussi impressionnant que « Welcome the Bright Skies » ou l’éblouissant « Shining », sans parler des « The Autotelic Self » et « Ocean Mind », qui dépassent (assez largement) les dix minutes. Favorite track: Shining.
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into the night, waits the dawning sun the warmth of light creates a new world to come life is straining now to overcome the void and to embrace the joy the cold abates to the rise of spring the air of hope arrives, and birds wake to sing life will never wait we live on borrowed time, embrace your fate take in the morning light and live the days of sun in endless flight we all just want to make our mark to survive the coming dark eden falls into grief and we all look on in disbelief in the end the world will fall, if we won't care the threads of time erase our lives, no more to spare a turning, changing world the ribbon of time unfurled can we abide passively waiting our time, we are standing by we all just want to keep our place to keep running in this race facing time and despair no room for resurrection through the flood and the storm beyond the gloom, a light will transform for you must outlast the fire and rise up higher over smoke above the pain of winter wind we are the rain it's hard to always run away from ice and snow, the bitter gray we rise up and we fall the storm holds sway over us and all but then breaks the fiery dawn over winter eyes the darkness decaying, welcome the bright skies life will never wait we live on borrowed time, open the gate take in the morning light and let go the night
PART 1 a world full of burdens and other sheer distractions can alter the mind so that we're no longer free confronted by permanent stress and false attractions we cannot enjoy our lives the full degree living in faulty sanity in our new world it's easy to get so bewitched by ads to be good-looking, wealthy and powerful we all have the opportunity to be imaginative but false desires can cloud our mind we're becoming mindless puppets living in a cage of burdens this attendance turning into dependence it's so hard to keep sane living behind lock and chain [instrumental] we are becoming mindless zombies living in a cage of burdens this attendance turning into dependence it's so hard to keep sane when our lives are spent in vain PART 2 falling down into pieces when you realize you've removed from all the power and motivation now you see it's nothing but deceit and you feel disillusion how could you have reason to stay here? will your world be this way forever? now it's all off-beat do I have to surrender to this place where nothing has meaning? only my broken mind protects me in a life with nothing to believe thinking of new solutions to achieve my own absolution can I live in my own new dreamworld? should I self-deceive? PART 3 know thyself, don't let them dictate all the choices for your own fate keep your objective all the way and your mind will be made every day being curious, no disguise, even threats lead to brighter skies your design you can choose to build play the game and you'll see them fulfilled [distractions! panic!] [leading to failures!] random thoughts are clouding my mind abandoned faith giving up attention so fast confused about whether I will reach my intent I'm lost in doubt raise your consciousness to perceive the awareness you can achieve gain control of your universe learning patience in all things diverse sense the mastery of your fate takes a while to grow and translate see the chances to climb new hills where the challenge is matched by the skills [frustration! boredom!] [trial and error!] it will be a long way to go no cutting through for the journey's transforming you will you proceed? only if you try very hard will you succeed [instrumental] PART 4 feeling totally focused now though unable to explain how being carried on by the flow staying peaceful inside of its glow see that nothing else matters now all your worries you disallow living life in its purest form far removed from the volatile norm self-transcendence commitment, independence and flow an optimal experience enhancing your resilience reaching the perfect harmony
Your Life 02:59
once you were a young troubled man thinking you'd do all that you can then all your dreams fell apart sleep turned into your work of art traveled to India, met a man who took a vow happiness doesn't need words for he's living in silence til now aaahhh say not a word but you spoke... so then you met a businessman money is all you need, so plan. what is the point in life, standing on the edge of a knife fight until you're rich having the gold, you're sure to win for good things come at a price greed is no mortal sin aaahhh you felt inside emptiness... oh, when will you know the truth from the lies they're contradicting, the words you hear then you noticed a lovely voice fell in love without a choice she traveled from place to place happy seeing a smiling face should you have stayed with her was it your fate all along? your life was empty and meaningless is she where you belong? aahhh your life, your song sing it well... oh, when will you know the truth from the lies they're contradicting, the words you hear once you were a confused young boy trying to find your piece of joy so you went to find your worth what intention you have on earth
all this empty space and wondrous starlight we cannot really grasp the true nature of our universe in time and space, we are a... speck in our perculiar universe mighty forces forming stars that are illuminating darkness starry wasteland but then against all odds through evolution and decay a little planet has evolved among the grand design mmmmmmm... perceiving anew, this fragile existence a fertile haven in the cold dark space viewing the world in all of its brilliance its colors shining in the cosmic maze life - coming and going on our sapphire sphere our balance kept year after year [scientific mumbo-jumbo] the chance for life is almost none it's our great mystery - yet here we are! now if we only could reduce the suffering and pain no need for death no more is it imperative to fight for morality for the task could get too formidable but we all share the same craving for happiness and so, we should be grateful for this gift of life we are living and try to find our way to brighter skies perceiving anew, this precious existence let's revel the greatest of wonders to be alive! all these diversified sceneries all these animals all these cultures that evolve here on this earth, we're alive! but how can it be that we are consciously feeling? how can matter lead to beings with minds and free will? why are we even here at all? we don't know what is waiting when death claims us all if nothing can stay, it's all pointless... however, what's the point of this doubt? it could have been great to believe in ourselves again with all the knowledge and wisdom found by our ancestors we could do so much better than this and with our technical progress we could've brought a new age a paradise on earth designed to help us advancing ourselves but therein exists a problem we're egocentric burning up resources breaking the balance of life our intent can change the world for everything's connected as hard as we try the blindness of mankind might ruin it all... unveil - hope that shines on our path don't give in to woe disregard what can't change we can let it go like a curious child we could be embracing the mystery in time and space, we're alive! perceiving anew, this boundless existence so much to feel, so hard to imagine breaking a way through the path of resistance our acceptance is illuminating our way of life
The Tower 08:20
alone she is wandering with no goal in sight the cold begins to give in to the night searching greener latitudes leaving hollow darkness behind she has traveled a slow, aimless roam so far from finding a place to call home chasing greener latitudes leaving daunting landscape behind is there a better land beyond to find? frustration reached its peak how much can one take on winding roads, in time she finds that she can't wander anymore but in all hopelessness she finds a spark refusing life in sorrow she decides to change her tomorrow so she strides out to find a place to settle down with trees and fertile ground protecting her from any threats around build up - reaching for the sky (snow is coming) outlast suffering - aiming high (winter's plan she can defy) with wood and straw she can begin to build a home determined to survive while finding the will to pursue and progress build up - reaching for the sky (snow is coming) outlast suffering - aiming high (winter's plan she can defy) then the storm comes, raging in the sky (destroying all it finds) all has been lost (only fragments left) all this work for nothing realizing the harm in eager carelessness she needs patience to rebuild so she starts to build a solid tower made out of stone! for it can keep all known threats behind sturdy walls the tower rises slowly a flowering structure grows by a precise, well thought out plan, she follows through the work's exhausting, yet so rewarding to make progress lifting heavy rocks will give the tower new heights finally it's set in stone refuge of her own feel the world fade to night her balance quivers in a silent blight despite it all, loneliness sets in depression clouds her passions she curls up in the tower's darkest corner no light of joy is found captured mind of apathy safe but isolated with her final strengths she's making windows streaming light and air! feeling power to ascend build up - reaching for the sky up high, greet the brilliant view your horizon grows in you!
Shining 04:01
I have never been the one who's fallen in love no sighs and blushing skin those songs I'm so tired of they say love's the only reason to live but I won't submit, for what could it give shining brightly like the starlight gleaming radiance wonder in sight seeing all my friends they all fall down one by one and then I see how it ends watch them all come undone why can't we escape the trap in our hearts? why build up which must all apart? shining brightly like the starlight gleaming radiance future in s ight don't want to search so long and far why should I care where you are? don't wanna end up like they do why should I then settle for you? I had always found I would only ask why and could never comply but now I can't deny I have never been the one who's fallen in love but then she ran into me a jest sent from way above maybe love is a good reason to live? could it be I have so much I can give? shining brightly like the starlight came from darkness living in light shining brightly like the starlight finally seeing answers in sight
Ocean Mind 18:23
OVERTURE [instrumental] CHAPTER 1 my world had fallen to waste and sorrow day by day, not much time left to borrow lost inside my reverie struggling from bonds of misery my wish to leave had consumed through all thought year by year, horrified to strive for what I sought lost inside my seed of doubt I set my eyes to ocean's route above the rolling seas a bird is navigating its life in a traceless flight beyond the shaking waves of temper inspired I commence regaining control of destiny a ship is setting sail I'm in the torrents of desire the man in charge - king of the world! I take command, my will assured invincible to the unknown the ocean is my own in my mind I see myself rule the entire world unsated thirst, my mind in chains salt water in my veins now in their minds they're thinking I'm becoming carelessly self-obsessed (he's become a puppet of the ego) narrow-minded, greedy without mercy I've turned my back on humility my world has fallen beneath my own care guilty now of adding to the despair lost within a selfish mind struggling to see where I went blind alone... CHAPTER 2 [instrumental] Why have I become harsh as the ocean? CHAPTER 3 then awakened by dissonance from the sea fearing the strings are taken from me will I lose it all the items I possess once highly cherished now seem so meaningless then defeated and cast off into the sea too far from shore and nowhere to flee with no air to breathe I see illusions fail no more denial I'm drowning, shattered and frail for what I've sown from pain becomes my private misery and with my heart of stone I reap my loss alone fallen from my throne then arrives the new dawning sun from the east humiliation finally released I slowly feel compassion is spreading I chance upon an injured bird incapable of flying can it be saved from dying? expand, letting go of the ego's destructive advance we should've ceased long ago the journey's long I've put myself in the way with foolish goals that have led me astray the bird seemed free up there in the sky but the distance was a lie expand, letting go of the fears that forbid sympathy now I sail with the flow sun sets and storms break I fear what they'll take rage set in motion wrath of the ocean CHAPTER 4 [instrumental] CHAPTER 5 lights awaken my mind once again the dawn is kind below the surface I've left the madness behind now a man in poverty but with a mind, clear and free despite the storm that's swelling on the outside I'm steady in the depths of the sea I set the bird free to fly my inner peace unwinding it reappears amid the setting sun the transformation begun I'm surrounded by a lightness and feeling endless compassion now pain and joy awake my empathy it's opened up the world for me I finally see everything's connected my actions have cause and effect I influence those I'll never meet the suffering we can defeat my compassion's further extending to all around me in all the world to beings of all kinds I've crossed my mental confines expand! EPILOGUE the journey's long we've put ourselves in our way with foolish goals that have led us astray the time slips by our hands as we rise to reach towards the brighter skies


This is my second album; a full-on progressive rock attempt, with long and complex songs.

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released July 14, 2014

Vocals, keyboards, guitars and other sounds by Fredrik Larsson
Drums by Louis Abramson
Flute on track 5 by Zuzana Vaneková


all rights reserved



FreddeGredde Sweden

I'm FreddeGredde, mostly known for my youtube medleys based on video game soundtrack and tv/cartoon themes. I'm also making original music, mostly in the progressive rock genre. Not very accessible or commercial, but it's the kind of music I enjoy listening to and creating, so I hope that you will like it too! ... more

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